Bio-individual meal concept

Bio- individual terrain


In my studies when I became a nutritionist, bio-individuality of how our systems function is essential when configuring a meal plan. Not everyone has the same metabolism. Each person has a different portion need. As well as protein preference according to your body type.


Some people function on a high protein paleo diet; others do better as an omnivore, others a vegan. With that in mind, I wanted to provide meals that were all created with proper protein consumption, picking your portion size gives you the ability to tailor your portion, to the correct amount you should be consuming.You have the flexibility to select a protein that best suits your bio-terrain, yielding the best results for your body, in attaining your health goals.


One of the elements you will find in the meals throughout the menu is a unique use of special ingredients. We highlight the benefits of an ingredient, such as the restorative properties it has on the body. Such ingredients we future are charcoal, for detoxification, holy basil for its adaptogenic properties, neem for skin health, and Cuban oregano for its antimicrobial abilities. 


We believe that Food can heal, nourish, and create wellness. Through the knowledge of knowing your Ingredients, while helping you achieve total wellness in all aspects of your life.


Just as plants go through seasonal changes so does our body. At Love Cooking For You, we make it a practice to incorporating foods and ingredients that should be eaten, proper time and seasons for your body to adapt and prepare for environment changes or renew as the season blooms. 


Love Cooking For You supports the local farmer and use of local and organic ingredients. Love Cooking For You firmly stands behind the coalition to make sustainability the norm and a standard in the food & hospitality industry. 


 The use of sustainable ingredients ensures the longevity in personal health and wealth as the foundation in building healthy communities for generations to come.


A majority of the unique ingredients you see on the menus, especially herbs and spices are grown on an acre of land that Loves Cooking for You family has cultivated according to biodynamic farming practices.

Love Cooking For You creates menus that follow the seasonal and farm to table concepts.


We believe that using the cleanest ingredients, will give you the quintessential nutrient density of Micro and Macro nourishment, that is most bioavailable for your body to feel rejuvenated and vibrant.

From the Press

Becky D- Client meal delivery


“Love cooking for you delivers a unique blend of herbs and spices in her cooking that aligns with your health goal in mind.” 

Hope A. Interior Designer Client


"love cooking for you leaves me feeling vibrant a healthy. The meals incorporate well balance portion  and super nutrient dense with  a lot of superfood use."

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