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Every person who wants to look and feel their best, L.C.Y. delivers tailored meals by a nutritionist, that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

How Will Clean Eating Change Your Life?


No Refined Sugar, No Canola Oil, No Preservatives and Additives Healthy Eating Made Easy To Enjoy


Low Carb/Vegan/Paleo Versions, Mix 'n Match Proteins and Veggies, Add-on Snacks (optional)


Effortless: Ready to Eat

How Simple Ordering Works

1 - Choose Your Meals



Choose Fiber or Grain 

2 - Choose Your Size/Portion 


Lunch & Dinner Portion Sized

Optional ​​

3 - Choose Your Day/Time 


Thursday - Friday

11am - 2pm  7pm - 10pm


Deliveries Delivered

Thursday - Friday


  • Deliveries arrive between times 11am - 2pm or 7pm - 10pm


  • Orders should be placed 2-3 days prior from the closest delivery date for your order to be delivered.


  • Must place a minimum order of $20.00 dollars or more for delivery. 


  • Deliveries will be shipped in stored containers with cold packs to keep freshness intact.   

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