Our Vision

We believe food should nourish and replenish your body. Food should be nutrient-rich and should leave you feeling vibrant and radiant. Food is fuel.


At Love Cooking for You, we understand that Nutrition and Clean eating are the foundation that brings you balance keeps you at your optimum health. We are here to make it effortless and, help you accomplish your goal.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


Meal Prep Ideology 

Love Cooking for You is clean eating. Clean eating is nutritionally balanced, and we use local and organic ingredients made with love for everyone. 


When we say everyone, we mean everyone. For every order made 5% goes to a school program in local communities around Los Angeles. We will set up classes that teach children healthy eating lifestyle! 


All our meals are free of canola oil, refined sugars, preservatives and artificial additives. We offer gluten-free options, keto, paleo, vegan & vegetarian, and support other individualized health diets.


We are so proud to be a business built around community upliftment and social service that both nourish the body and uplift your soul.

What We Can Do For You

What We can do for you

Love Cooking for You offers a whole line of services to meet your lifestyle & needs:


Cooking Class

Meal prep

Personal Chef


Children's Classes

Pantry swap outs

Nutritional consulting


Pick from a number of services, and if you do not see a service you're looking for contact Love Cooking For You, where we will customize and create the Service you request. 





Love Cooking For You supports the local farmer and use of local and organic ingredients. Love Cooking For You firmly stands behind the coalition to make sustainability the norm and a standard in the food & hospitality industry. 


 The use of sustainable ingredients ensures the longevity in personal health and wealth as the foundation in building healthy communities for generations to come.


A majority of the unique ingredients you see on the menus, especially herbs and spices are grown on an acre of land that Loves Cooking for You family has cultivated according to biodynamic farming practices.

Love Cooking For You creates menus that follow the seasonal and farm to table concepts.


We believe that using the cleanest ingredients, will give you the quintessential nutrient density of Micro and Macro nourishment, that is most bioavailable for your body to feel rejuvenated and vibrant.


The Fruition of 'Love Cooking For You'

Liila Yerro was born in Los Angeles, California. She was raised vegetarian and was taught the principals of yoga and meditation. Growing up, many yoga monks and nuns from all over the world stayed with her and her family. This exposed Liila to their traditional foods from their countries. It is from this exposure to diverse foods, that expanded and inspired her love of cooking.

Liila also grew up feeding the homeless in downtown Los Angeles. This experience cultivated the sentiment and understanding of what a meal can bring to the table and the importance of service to humanity. 

Liila's father gave her the first lessons in organic, sustainable farming, and eating for your wellbeing. He gave her a garden that had an apothecary of spices and herbs, taught her how herbs and spices, and demonstrated that these herbs can function as a personal medicine cabinet. 


Family and friends believed Liila's calling was in food and health education. She created fast and easy recipes with a strong emphasis on holistic health. She merged ingredients that provided health essential benefits to create delicious tasting meals.  


In July of 2006, Liila pursued her dream for the culinary arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts. Since then, with her passion and enthusiasm, she created “Love Cooking for You” where she specializes in "Health-Supportive" cooking classes. She also began touring the Southern Pacific region of Whole Foods Markets where she continues to give healthy living and vegetarian cooking lectures.

Liila was then hired at Whole Foods Market as a Marketing Assistant. This was her chance to demonstrate the use of Farm Fresh ingredients.


She later went into the Nutritional Department and became the Healthy Eating specialist. During her time at Whole Foods, she completed an Immersion Program with a renowned doctor in nutrition, Dr. Joel Furman. Liila also attended a seminar series on yogic nutrition principals.


During this time she also worked as a private chef, taught cooking classes, and catered. She found that a lot of clientele were suffering from different ailments and wanted to support them with the foundations of clean eating and proper nutrition. She then pursued her education as a Holistic Nutritionist.


In 2010, Liila, became a Certified Nutritional Therapist. In 2012 she got her certification as a yoga teacher. She expanded Love Cooking For You to L.C.Y. Total Health to highlight the nutritional side of her company that was comprised of nutritional counseling. L.C.Y Total Health focuses on the foundations of nutrition and includes dietary programs that incorporate “asanas” or yogic exercise to strengthen systemic issues. This is coupled with the proper diet to restore the body, mind, and spirit to optimal health.


Liila continues to educate and strives to put her principles of service to humanity and health for all, at the forefront of all her projects. In 2017, she ventured into the market of meal prep services. Liila's ideology of sustainability focuses on building a healthy local community and addressing the issue of food deserts around surrounding areas of Los Angeles.


Liila continues to offer an array of specialty services in health and cooking, and as always, aims to help people feel vibrant and healthy.

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